On Campus

Liberty in College

Check out the latest information on courses offered at colleges and universities across the United States. Our continuously updated list lets you know where it is possible to pursue an education in liberty. We strongly advise all students to check with colleges and universities, before applying, to verify that the courses and programs you want are being offered.

Different campuses also offer different experiences and atmospheres. Some will provide a more liberal atmosphere and others a more conservative atmosphere. Students should reflect on this aspect of educational life before accepting any offer.


The University of Arizona: The Freedom Center at provides students with a three course sequence in the philosophy of freedom. UA has a top ranked philosophy department and students will find faculty there interested in liberty as a topic of study.


Claremont McKenna College: The Salvatori Center’s mission is to “develop close relations between students and scholars.” They host a regular speaker series and students can become research assistants and fellows at the institute.


Rockford College:  The Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship‘s mission is “to achieve excellence in teaching and research in Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Political Economy, and related fields.” This center offers three core courses with an additional four supporting courses offered from other departments and faculty.

University of Illinois, Springfield:  Earn a Master’s Degree with a focus in Liberty Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield.  For over 30 years the Department of Liberal and Integrative Studies has offered students the opportunity to formulate their own degree plan and name their own degree. A brief list of courses on liberty include: Radical Capitalism, Philosophy of Business, Liberty Studies, Liberty Struggles, and Social Philosophy.  This degree is also offered completely online.

For more information on the degree, or to begin your application, contact Dr. William Kline: wklin2 (at) uis (dot) edu


Hillsdale College: The Economics and Business Administration Department’s mission includes “A consistent free-market approach to economics and business distinguishes the Department’s faculty, curriculum, and other course content from typical college programs.” The Economics faculty offer a host of courses including Austrian Economics, Law and Economics, and Constitutional Political Economy to name a few.


Bellevue College: The Center for American Vision and Values conducts the Kirkpatrick Signature Series. This series consists of three senior-level seminar style capstone courses: American Vision and Values, Tradition and Change, and Freedom and Responsibility.


Grove City College: Economics Department and Center for Vision and Values .  The economics department is probably one of a handful that teaches Austrian economics.  The chair, Dr. Jeffrey Herbener is a senior fellow at the Mises Institute.  The Center for Vision and Values focuses on “Advancing Freedom with Christian Scholarship”.  The Center regularly hosts The American Founders Luncheon Series as well as other events.   The department offers research fellowships through the center, a senior writing prize on freedom and has hosted an annual undergraduate Austrian Student Scholars Conference (at least through 2009).

St. Vincent College: The Center for Political and Economic Thought has fellows and staff who also teach regularly at the college. While the Center does not offer specific classes, it seems a fair bet that ideas on liberty make their way into the professors’ classes. This center also offers scholarship and internship opportunities for undergraduate students.

South Carolina

Clemson University: The Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism lists the “(d)evelopment of courses that will explore the moral, constitutional, legal, economic and political foundations of a free society” as part of it’s mission.


The University of Virginia: The Program in Philosophy, Policy, and Law is an undergraduate major “provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to pursue intensive study of the connections between political philosophy and legal theory, legal thought and historical change, law and public policy.” Here students will have plenty of opportunities to learn about liberty while being thoroughly challenged in the process.

West Virginia

Wheeling Jesuit University: The Institute for the Study of Capitalism and Morality offers a Political & Economic Philosophy major as well as a student fellows program and essay competition.