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Philosophy of Education

In this fifteen-part video course we cover key philosophical issues that bear directly upon education. We discuss the works of several philosophers — Plato, Locke, Kant, Dewey, and others — who have influenced education greatly, and we compare several systems … Continue reading

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Modern Theories of Freedom

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire!” —W. B. Yeats COURSE DESCRIPTION From the catalogue: This course will explore in depth one of the basic philosophic movements or conceptual themes that characterize modernity, … Continue reading

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Radical Capitalism

Course Description: There are those who advocate the benefit of market economies and then there are radicals for capitalism. From privatizing the police to abolishing the Federal Reserve, radical capitalist thinkers, and their followers, argue that markets are more efficient … Continue reading

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Philosophy of Business

Course Description: How can we do well in any endeavor unless we understand what we are doing? What you believe about business affects both your choice of career path and your opinion on business ethics and regulation. Most courses on … Continue reading

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